Seacret Forest Cream

Seacret Forest Cream

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Seacret Forest Cream


Ater the discovery of a wild flower , Slene Uniflora, a flower belonging in the family of Silene Steophylia (which was previously thought to have been extinct 30,000 years ago) which has the capacity to rejuvenate skin , the story of the Secret Forest is born. This story has spread quickly, reaching many. Some have tired the product and became very impressed It also combines various types of deep seawater seaweed extract and wild flowers, leading to a new miracle in skin nourishment industry Secret Forest

The luxurious product with content as light as velvet can be absorbed into the skin with eases, nourishing and moisturizing it helps the skin to be soft, light tone, and gain glowing looks in a natural way. It suits all type of skin, even the most sensitive. With secret ingredient from the sea and forest which is exclusive under our patent, the skin will be rejuvenated profoundly, making the skin young. smooth, soft, and glowing With the concentrated extract contain within the skin became healthy and strong from inside out, making skin looks healthy and ready for any weather. In addition, with Aqua Cream technology which enables cream to be absorbed quickly into the skin, the applied skin is refreshed in a gentle way without stickiness


Comfortable facial skin, not sticky. with creamy liquid

Seacret Forest nourishes all skin problems to the deep layers.
With new innovations of extracts with degrees imported from Korea

MADE IN KOREA!! Rosegold Seacret Forest Cream, a premium facial skin care product from Thailand. Produced and imported from Korea's Top 5 Cream Production Lab. Pay attention to every step of production under the same standards as leading international brands Tested by dermatologists from Germany.

Skin care nourish deeply easily absorbed into the skin Add moisture to the skin every day.

✨ Pink Aqua creamy texture that breaks into water when it touches the skin.
✨ Suitable for all skin types. with 21 types of natural extracts
✨ Made from 30,000-year-old extinct wild flower extracts, patented the world's first
✨ Contains 6 types of powerful extracts from the sea.
✨ There is an innovation to add water to the skin like Aquarich and Aquaxyl from France.

 Benefit of Seacret Forest Cream

- Soft and creamy texture Suitable for all skin types.
- Gently nourishes the skin Suitable for sensitive skin
- Prevent water loss Add water to the skin well and long.
- Prevents skin from being weak from pollution.
- Detox restores brightness to the skin.
- Moist skin, look dewy
- Retain moisture on the face
- Lightweight texture that penetrates deeply into the skin
- Respond to all kinds of facial skin problems
- Solve the problem of dry skin

 Apply twice Daily Day & Night