Seacret Forest Cleansing 1 Box

Seacret Forest Cleansing 1 Box

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Seacret Forest Cleansing Gel


 Because "washing" is the first step of skin care.
Anyone who has a lot of skin problems such as acne, rashes, dryness and peeling.
Seacret Forest Cleansing Gel, complete care, complete every routine

Get rid of dirt on the face to be completely clean Gently with Seacret Forest Cleansing Gel that nourishes the skin while washing your face. Helps add ultimate moisture It does not make the skin dry and tight until it loses its balance and causes various skin problems later.

Cleansing is a clear gel. Soft and delicate foam gentle on skin Innovative deep cleansing of the skin, delivered directly from Hanacos, Korea's leading cream production lab.

✔️ Collect 21 types of natural extracts.
✔️ No animal testing
✔️ Free from parabens, colors, fragrances and alcohol.
✔️ Tested by dermatologists from Germany

giving you confidence from the first step of skin care


BENIFITS of Seacret Forest Cleansing Gel

-Reduce the accumulation of bacteria
-Reduce skin problems on a continuous basis
-Skin is smooth, soft, moisturized, not dry and tight.
-Oil control, balance
-Prevent Acne

👍Clean face twice a day
👍Use after make-up remover