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13 probiotic strains and 2 prebiotic strains

Research and development from a factory in Taiwan that is certified by the USFDA.

in order to maximize the benefits of taking probiotics

Probica15 is manufactured with Syntek smart coating technology.

It acts as a protective barrier that encapsulates the probiotics to reach the intestinal tract.

complete, because probiotics are not resistant to acids and heat at all

As a result, conventional probiotics do not have the same effect.

full, therefore unable to balance the fuselage filling effectively

Probica, good intestine, good life 🧡✨

Probiotics are good microorganisms. that will help in balancing the intestines
When the intestinal system is in equilibrium
It will cause good absorption of nutrients. and drives waste well

Probica therefore helps in matters 🧡
- Relieve constipation, easy excretion, soft poop
- Strengthen the immune system, not easily sick
- stimulate digestion
- Reduce acne, brighten skin
- Affects mental health


When to take Probica.. for the most benefit ⏰✨
30 minutes before breakfast, before bed or on an empty stomach
** Should eat regularly for at least 4 consecutive weeks **


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