Le Oxi Whitening Serum 1 Box

Le Oxi Whitening Serum 1 Box

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Lexi Whitening Serum
Oxygen serum that pampers your skin.

Contains a hero extract like "White garcinia"
Super Whitening Agent Extract
that helps the skin look more radiant

It is an extract that has received Patent*
certified by the official of Korea

What is Patent*?

Patent* is a patent.
Own new innovations that have never been done before.

The extract must prove that
No other extract has ever been able to do this before.

This means that the specialty of the extract is Patent* certified.
will not be able to imitate anyone and have absolutely no one like

It can be said that it is the only specialty that
The extract is obtained from the Korean authorities.


Why did we choose to produce at "LESSONIA"?
Even though there are many labs in France?
That we trust and choose a production base in France
It doesn't mean that it can be produced in any lab.
Because choosing a reliable lab is even more important.
We select a lab that has experts and works.
that used to produce internationally leading products
And  is our final answer...


-Brighten and Clarify skin tone,
-Diminish and prevent dark spots
-Tighten pore
-Reduce wirinkles
-Moisturize and protect skin from the effects of blue light

 Apply twice Daily Day & Night