Sakana X10

Sakana X10

In one soft gel, it consists of 11 best skin foods from international quality extracts. It has Nitta collagen so peptides which is 1,000X smaller than natural molecules. Hence, absorbing into your body quickly, increasing skin elasticity, moisture and reducing wrinkles and dryness of skin.

* No fishy smell & taste
* Has high absorption efficiency
* Suitable for all genders and ages
* Manufactured and imported from Fuji Capsule, a world-class pharmaceutical laboratory that produces medicines for Japanese people for more than 80 years.

✅Lighten freckles and pigmentation
✅Lighten skin tone
✅More radiant
✅Acne and oil control
✅Lighten acne scars and mark
✅Boost immunity system
✅Anti- oxidative effect
✅Reduce acne and pimples
✅Maintenance of normal skin, hair, nails, joint, bones and health
✅Youthful looking skin

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