Sakana Collagen X10

Sakana Collagen X10
  👍🏻 Nitta Collagen Di Peptides | No.1 collagen in Japan, 1,000 times smaller than natural molecules.  Absorbed into the body quickly  Increase skin elasticity, moisture, reduce wrinkles and dryness of the skin.

  👍🏻 Manganese | A very important extract from good bacteria  Korean strain from Manganese research will be effective.  Stimulate the production of glutathione 100 times more than conventional extracts, helping to build the elasticity of skin cells.

  👍🏻 Rice Ceramide | Reduces the synthesis of skin granules.  Helps retain water to keep the skin moist.  Resistant to all weather conditions

  👍🏻 Rice Bran Oil | Helps to nourish the eyes, skin and brain

  👍🏻 Soybean Oil | has properties similar to the female hormone estrogen.  Restore moisture to the skin.

  👍🏻 Grape Seed Oil | helps moisturize the face and prolong the life of the skin, not look dry, look younger.

  👍🏻 Pycnogenol | Pine Bark Extract  Promote the circulatory system

  👍🏻 Coenzyme Q10 | Helps the skin not dry and rough.  Keep the skin younger  Create a moisture barrier of the skin.

  👍🏻 Vitamin E | The body cannot produce itself.  But it is an extract that helps nourish hair, nails and skin to be healthy.

  👍🏻 Alpha Lipoic Acid | has antioxidant activity, helps reduce swelling, scars and skin inflammation.

  👍🏻 Zinc Amino Acid Chelate | An essential nutrient that the body cannot create by itself.  Take care of your health and skin.  Help fight acne inflammation.
Sakana is manufactured and imported from Fuji Capsule, a world-class pharmaceutical laboratory that produces medicines for the Japanese people throughout the country for more than 80 years in the form of a soft gel shaped like Sakana fish.  At a high price like absorption efficiency, easy to eat, no fishy smell  Not complicated in many steps. Just put it in your mouth and drink the water accordingly.  Ready to use an anti-acid shield innovation  Nourishes from the inside out, suitable for all genders and ages, helping to increase confidence in your skin and yourself.